What is a Church without its people?  At SPB so many people give of themselves to make things come together.  We are thankful for everyone who serves in seen and unseen ways each week to help our worship and activities take place.

Rev Andrew (Minister in charge)

The Rev Andrew Irwin was introduced as Minister of the Parish of St Paul and St Barnabas, Belfast, on Wednesday, June 8, by the Bishop of Connor, the Rt Rev George Davison. Andrew, 34, is a native of Portadown, Co Armagh, and grew up in the Parish of St Mathias. He studied Computer Science at Queen’s University Belfast, graduating in 2012. In 2014, he Studied at Ulster University, focusing on business and management while working in IT Support, Software Development and Digital communications. 

It was in 2015 that Andrew began training for the Ministry at Trinity College Dublin. Andrew was a deacon in Donacloney Parish before moving to nearby Banbridge as a curate in Seapatrick Parish. If he is not working, you will find him out on the bike cycling, in the gym doing CrossFit or making his coffee with some fancy beans while reading a random theology book.  

Andrew is involved in across the Church of Ireland, serving on the Connor Diocesan Council, Connor Mission Council and the Church of Ireland General Synod as well as the Church and Soceity Committee of the Church of Ireland.  He serves on the Council of the Church of Ireland Evangelical Fellowship to promote biblical faith and provide Gospel resources.  Andrew writes extensively for different resources; you can find his writing on his website. 



Kate is our Parish Reader, which means she helps lead our Worship on Sundays.  Kate is also active across various roles and ministries in Church as she serves on our leadership Team, and pastorally throughout the Church Family as well.  


Rev Alan helps across our services, leading our monthly evening service.  As well as that he is active pastorally across our church family, contributes to our magazine and resource and plays an active part in the Diocese of Connor helping other churches..


Rev Brian serves in the parish of St Peters and helps out in the Background Management of SPB on Vestry, and in other practical  ways.


Michael serves as our Director or Music and Worship. He is a multitalented musician who is as happy on the Organ or Piano.  He has served faithfully in the Parish for over 25 years, and you might occasionally find him helping out other churches with their musical ministry.


John coordinate different aspects of our Sunday Worship (Like Prayers & Readings) and Helps with Church administration. If he is not figuring out the Church accounts, then you will probably find him serving in the Choir, or helping the Vestry in other ways.  


Irene serves across the life of our Church in hospitality, Prayer, Worship, teaching the bible, and pastorally. She has served faithfully across so many roles in the Church and is a wonderful encouragement to all who she has ministered to.


At St Pauls & St Barnabas we are blessed to have so many gifted musicans and singers.  During our Sunday Worship they serve in different ways to help us grow in our faith and love of God.